What is the main cause of irregular menstruation cycle or periods?

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Most of the women doesn’t worry much about their menstruation & while most of them realize the how much it is important to bleed when suddenly there is a skip of periods or least bleeding or spotting. What is the main reason for having irregular periods or when they suddenly stop or there is a skip in a cycle? Let us understand what is exactly the menstruation cycle is.

During the fertility time egg mature within the ovary in a cycle that mainly lasts in a 28 days (May vary from woman to woman may take 32 days too & depends on period to period). On the day fifth of the cycle around 20 eggs start to mature in the ovaries around day fourteen releases the matured egg to be fertilized. This matured follicle transforms into corpus luteum which is mainly responsible for producing the harmone progesterone to prepare the uterus to receive the fertilized egg.

If the egg is not get fertilized, it dies or disintegrates. This causes the uterus to shed its lining & causing the bleeding of menstruation.

What is regular periods?
Having a regular cycle means that period interval is consistent. As mentioned earlier it may vary from women to women but its typically from 28 days to 35 days.
What is irregular periods?
Having a irregular cycle means that there is no consistency in the cycle for eg: one month you may menstruate in 20 days, another cycle may come for 28 days, another may for 35 days.

Having a irregular cycle is very common now a days.. this may due to some hormonal imbalance in the body. Lets know what are main factors that cause the irregular periods?

  • Eating habits. Junk food.
  • Sudden weight gain or sudden weight loss.
  • Stress or depression, emotional problems
  • Travel
  • Harmonal imbalance eg: Thyroid disorders
  • Extreme excercising
  • Problems with pelvic organs like polycystic ovaries or cyst in ovaries, water follicles in ovaries
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Breastfeeding sometimes may be a reason for this

Irregular cycle or stop of periods can be due to the condition called as “premature ovarian failure” which causes a women to stop having her cycle before the age of around 40. This may be caused because of the surgery or chemotherapy or may be case of a women with the cancer. As always we recommend to consult your health care professionals if you have certain questions about the irregular cycles. Remember health comes first so prevention is better than cure.

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