What is meant by non-ECR category in the Passport application form?


While applying for a new passport in India in present days, it is required to check whether the applicant is an ECR candidate or non-ECR candidate. ECR category stands for Emigration Check Required. If an applicant for password hasn’t passed their 10th grade officially in an accepted Indian education system, they would be subjected to this check.

However, while ECR check could take some time; the Tatkal Passport facility is online and one may avail the Tatkal Passports for urgent cases within 3 days of dropping the application.

ECR Passport

Emigration Check Required is a required status for junior citizens who haven’t yet passed the 10th grade or high school standard graduation exam in India.

To leave India, these people will always have to go through an Immigration Office who would certify that these citizens are cleared and eligible for leaving the country and there’s no restriction on them.

Also a senior citizen who haven’t passed their 10th grade would require the same verification by an Immigration Office. However, the ECR check is required to leave India for countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kuwait etc.

ECNR (Non-ECR) Passport

ECNR (Non-ECR) category stands for ‘Emigration Check not Required’. Anyone who has graduated through their 10th grade of school will not be required to go through an Immigration Office to have their leave registered and verified.

Once a citizen passes 10th grade they earn the ECNR badge on their passport. The ECNR works as the clearance for leaving country and they don’t need to check on with immigration office. However, don’t mistake an ECNR for a VISA. Countries that require a VISA will continue to require so.

The ECR stamp is typically found inside an empty page in the passport for people who haven’t passed their 10thgrade.

ECR and ECNR isn’t very confusing, but since it’s a new thing every Indian citizen should know the significance of ECR and ECNR.

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