What foods & habits can make menstruation cycle regular

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What foods & habits can make menstruation cycle regular?

These below mentioned which are helpful in regulating the periods & getting the menstruation cycle flow normal

  • Papaya and pineapples are best known home remedies for irregular periods.
  • Cinnamon some studies have proved that having a half teaspoon of cinnamon with luke warm water or with milk or with lemon can make you periods regular. Which can help you regular ovulation & regulates the cycle too
  • Distress yourself start a self care, stress is most of the common cause for irregular cycles.
  • Regular exercise: Just kick start your lifestyle with regular exercise you can find a many changes in your life. Just a 30 minutes of speed can save you from having a irregular cycle, can you imagine this? Even some yoga exercise can regulate the cycle too for eg: Titli asan (Butterfly asan you can YouTube & check this.) Can even make a habit of any exercise like skipping, gym (the exercise from which you sweat).

  • Have plenty of fluids. Consuming of water is very much important. You have to take at-least 3 liters of water in any form ex: Coconut water, Barley etc.
  • Have green & leaf vegetables, fiber veggies. Main important of reason having green& leaf vegetables like spinach is to maintain our blood sugar levels. At least in a week have it twice or thrice. Even you can add fiber to your daily routines.
  • Coconut with jaggery Helps you in regulating the cycle & bleeding normally too.

Other foods like Ginger, Oily fish, Carrots, Flax seeds, Aloe vera, Almonds & Eggs could regulate the menstruation cycle.

Advice is to have plenty of vegetables, fruits, wheat items & less rice. Click here: What is main cause of irregular cycle

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