These simple tips of home remedies makes you to get relief from dust allergy


Dust allergy is a very common type of allergy and it is really not easy to live with it. It can be triggered by a number of agents and it is not at all easy to control. Sneezing, runny nose, tearful eyes, cough, difficulty in breathing are a few common symptoms of dust allergy.

This allergy is caused mainly due to the presence of dust particles in the air- thing that you just cannot avoid. Those with dust allergies often pop pills on a regular basis to keep themselves healthy. But this is not a solution. If you are also a victim of dust allergy, try these simple home remedies:

Local Honey

Enough evidence is available to prove the health benefits of honey. Consuming local honey is helpful to treat dust allergy. As per theories, local honey will help your body adapt to the allergens present in the environment. Just by having one teaspoon of honey, you can get instant relief from sneezing or coughing. Honey also contains anti-inflammatory properties and hence you can apply it on allergic rashes also.

Allergies are caused due to an imbalance in the immune system that causes the body to react strongly to a stimulus. Consume enough beneficial bacteria to balance the gut bacteria and get relief from allergy. Have curd or yogurt to boost the gut bacteria, as it consists of probiotics.

Apple cider vinegar

This concoction is not only used for seasoning purposes but is also effective to treat dust allergy. Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and consume it three times a day. This drink slows down the mucus production and clears the lymphatic system.

Taking steam is another way of treating dust allergy. To do this, take some hot water in a large bowl and bend over the steam released by it. Cover your head with the towel to inhale the steam properly. Do this for at least 10 minutes. This process soothes your nasal passage and clears it.

Vitamin C

This is the easiest thing to do to get relief from stubborn dust allergy. Have citrus fruits like orange and sweet lime. Fruits packed with vitamin C prevents secretion of histamine by white blood cells and increases its detoxification. Vitamin C also decreases nasal secretions and blockage.

Tip: Always consult your trusted medical professional in case of any problem and use your own discretion.

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