Here is the reason why Tik-Tok gets banned in India

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Here is some bad news for all those who love creating videos on TikTok. After a series of complaints and backlash, the popular app has been ordered to go off the app stores by a high court in India.

As per a report, the users who already have the app installed on their phones can continue to use the app but the fresh order prevents new downloads from happening.

Formerly known as, TikTok is an app through which users can create and share quick 15 second videos with other people. There are as many as 17 million active users of the app in India alone, wherein a lot of them are under 18.

The app was previously banned in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan for displaying adult content unsuitable for the age groups the app largely caters to. Over the past few months, a lot of reports have surfaced online about the lack of quality control the app had.

Some users even reported seeing abusive and sexually explicit videos on the app. This is especially alarming, considering that children and young adults between the age of 13 – 20 are their primary audience.

TikTok users have also reported the issue of cyberbullying on the app. Some users have also left abusive and trolling comments on the videos circulating through the app.

To deal with this, the Chinese app also introduced certain filters wherein users can ban certain words from appearing. It includes a list of up to 30 words in Hindi as well as English. The app also published guidelines in other regional languages to prevent adulterated content from being circulated.

Since the users of the app are of a young, impressionable age, a lot of criticism surrounding the app was about the addictive nature of TikTok. People started making videos in odd places, moving traffic, putting their lives at risk. In 2019 alone, over 20 people in India have lost their lives using the app.

The app has also invited criticism from parents over the open interface of the app, where children can interact with strangers via the app. This can also invite possible predators and molesters.

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