Did you know? Men lose weight faster than women


Most people think that men have an advantage when it comes to weight loss. Even after following the same diet and workout routine, men tend to lose weight faster as compared to women. But is this really true or just in our heads. Let’s find out?

The survey

Yes, it is true that men lose weight faster as compared to women due to several reasons.
As per a recent study, women are more obsessed with food as compared to men. It was found that about 25 percent of women on a weight loss diet think about food every half-hour. The other reason is that women emotionally relate to food, while men do not.

Another study published in the book Conquering Heart Attack & Stroke referred to a brain scan study, in which the researchers kept delicious foods in front of men and women who had not eaten for a day, then asked them to fight their hunger.

It was found that men’s brains responded less actively in terms of emotional regulation, memory, and motivation as compared to women. For them, it was easy to control their cravings for their favorite food. Also, men have faster metabolisms. The average metabolism of a man is 5 to 10 percent higher than that of a woman of the same weight and height. This is because they have more lean muscle than women that help them to burn more calories.

The lesson

It is advised to avoid emotional eating when trying to lose weight. Like if you had a bad day, do not have your favorite food to cheer yourself up, this will hinder your weight loss plan

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